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IN-SPIRE™ Visual Document Analysis

FAQ: Is technical support available?

It is not unusual for an analyst to start using IN-SPIRE™ without any technical training or support. The video tutorials on this website provide a good start. Most users will also benefit from a short training session that covers the key aspects of using the tool. Training sessions usually consist of a 4-6 hour hands-on class that covers the general capabilities of the system along with tips and techniques for data import and analysis. Classes are usually held at the user's site. See the Training and Support page for details and pricing.

In some cases, an organization may have greater support needs, such as datasets that require some level of pre-processing. For example, some document or spreadsheets may contain meta data that is of value but may need special handling in order to extract the desired fielded information or convert from unsupported formats (e.g., converting from a special foreign language encoding/format to a supported Unicode format). In other cases, the data may exist within a database or enterprise data store, and there may be a need to interface directly to those data stores. PNNL can assist in these cases as well, on a time and materials basis. Contact us for more information.

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