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IN-SPIRE™ Visual Document Analysis

FAQ: What is the ThemeView™ visualization?

themeview  visualization The ThemeView™ visualization is the fastest way to get an overview of your document collection. It translates the Galaxy into a three dimensional “landscape” of your information space.

Think of the Galaxy as the “flat” sea-level foundation for a ThemeView. Each document which has content related to a major theme in the overall document collection will add a little to the height of the peak in that location (how much it adds will depend on the strength of that theme's relevance to that document). If a document is not at all related to that theme, it won't add any height to the layer there. Repeating this layer-building process for all 200 or so major themes (i.e., topics) in the dataset, stacking the layers on top of each other and smoothing the results, creates the thematic summary view, the ThemeView.

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