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Document Viewer: Translating Documents

Once you have translation turned on:

  1. Select one or more documents in your dataset. You can select collections of documents with the Groups tool.

  2. The selected documents will display in the Document Viewer in the original language and in the translated language. The first document in the groups is selected by default.

    Document Viewer with Translation

  3. From the translator selection drop-down menu, select Use Default Translator.

    Select Translation Type

    The selected document will be translated, with the translation displaying in the middle pane.

    Document Viewer with Translation

  4. You can enlarge the viewing area by turning off the Notes viewing panel. From the View menu select the checked Notes Panel to turn it off.

  5. By default the scroll bars in the document are synchronized so that the same area of text is displayed in both versions. You can change this setting under the Document Viewer View menu. Document titles show up in the Title and Translated Title columns above the document text.

  6. If you created a group from a Word Search, scroll until you find the word or phrase from the search highlighted in the document. The words will be highlighted in both languages.

    Document Viewer with Translated Word Search

    The search itself is also translated and displays in the groups columns.