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Probe Tool

The Probe tool enables you to view a single document label in the Galaxy or ThemeView Classic. This label reveals the selected document's key terms. The Probe tool can also be used to select an area of documents, with the contributions of terms in the area displaying in the Summary window.

Using the Probe Tool

  1. From the Galaxy or ThemeView Classic window toolbar, click Probe button or select Tools > probe button Probe.
  2. Click on the Galaxy or ThemeView Classic in an area of interest. The green Probe indicator marks the location of the click and a yellow label appears showing the major terms associated with that location. Terms in the label are arranged in order of decreasing importance, and their size and weight is in proportion to their strength. Notice in the example here that "govenment," which appears first in the list in the probe label is both larger and bolder than either "lebanon" or "lebanese".
    Probe Label
  3. To make the label font larger use CTRL-T. To shrink the text, CTRL-SHIFT-T.
    Probe Label Larger Text

Using Summary with Probe

It is very helpful to use the Summary tool with the Probe, because Summary shows you much more detail about the presence and frequency of terms in the documents surrounding the Probe location than is provided by the Probe label, which only shows the top three major terms.

  1. With the Probe tool, left-click on the center point of the area in the Galaxy or ThemeView Classic that contains interesting documents, and drag to define a circular area. The Summary tool will open automatically.

    To open the Summary tool, you can also click on the Summary Galaxy Button - Summary tool in the Galaxy toolbar or choose Tools > Galaxy Button - Summary Summary.

    Circular Selection with the Probe Tool
    As you drag, the circular region (dashed red circumference) encloses the magenta colored documents.

  2. When you release the mouse button, the documents enclosed by the circle region turn from magenta to green, are selected, and open the Summary tool window, which lists terms in the selection area and their relative contribution to the dataset. When the selection changes, the Summary window automatically updates.
    All columns in the Summary tool are sortable. Click on a column header to sort ascending. Click again to sort descending. For more information about the Summary Tool, see Summary.

Using Probe in ThemeView Classic

Probe works the same way in ThemeView Classic as it does in the Galaxy. In fact, if you have a Probe label placed in the Galaxy, it will appear in the analogous location in ThemeView Classic. Use Probe to click and drag a region selection circle to populate the Summary tool with terms from the selection area and their relative contribution to the dataset.

Clicking on a peak and dragging a selection circle